Business Banking
Checking, Savings, and Interest Bearing Accounts

Coast National Bank offers a variety of services to meet your business needs.

Business Banking Services

Business Checking

Business checking provides low-cost checking options with convenient access.

Non-Profit Checking

Non-profit Checking provides special rates and considerations for registered 501(c)(3) organizations. Non-profit Checking features:

Business Interest Bearing Accounts

Sole Proprietor Interest Checking

Sole Proprietor Interest Checking offers sole proprietors the convenience of unlimited check writing and earned interest based on account balance.

Business Money Market Account

This account maximizes individual earnings with a tiered rate. Business Money Market accounts feature:

Business Savings Accounts

Opening a savings account for business use is a great way to earn money on your investments. A business savings account features:

Time Certificates of Deposit (TCD)

TCDs typically earn the highest rates of our savings plans and provide a wide range of terms to fit your specific investment needs. TCDs feature:

Early Withdrawal penalties apply.

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